2018 Update
 2018 is going to bring some changes and improvements to Spring Board!  We are currently working on rebuilding our pergola at the north end of the pool.  The new structure will include a roof and electricity.  We are also hoping to replace the section of chain link fence in the front and work on the front landscaping.  Unfortunately, all of this cost money, so if you know a company that would like to sponsor one of these projects, please let us know or if you company does a matching program, please consider supporting Spring Board in that way. If you would like more information on a specific project, please email us at: swimspringboard@yahoo.com 

We can also use help "Stocking the Pool"
Here is our wish list of items:

​​Plants & Mulch


Push Broom

Large Black Garbage Bags

Toilet Paper/Paper towels

First Aid Supplies (peroxide, band-aids, burn ointment, etc)

Concession Items (Soft Drinks, Chips, Popsicles, Hard Candy)

Cleaning Supplies

Mesquite spray (Off)

Weed Killer & Ant Killer


Picnic Tables

Lounge Chairs (from Academy, Mosaic Antigravity Lounger - $49.99)

Sports Balls (volleyball, basketballs) -

Paint Supplies (we have paint)
Large outdoor trash cans with lids

9943 PINE LAKE DR ** HOUSTON, TX ** 77055