9943 PINE LAKE DR ** HOUSTON, TX ** 77055
2017 Update
 2017 is going to bring some changes and improvements to Spring Board!  We are currently getting bids for several projects including: updating our pergola with a roof and electricity, painting the pool deck, updating the office/concession area, updating our volleyball court and improving our front landscaping.  Unfortunately, all of this cost money, so we will update as we can.  If you know a company that would like to sponsor one of these projects, please let us know or if you company does a matching program, please consider supporting Spring Board in that way. If you would like more information on a specific project, please email us at: swimspringboard@yahoo.com 

We can also use help "Stocking the Pool"
Here is our wish list of items:

​​Plants & Mulch


Push Broom

Large Black Garbage Bags

Toilet Paper/Paper towels

First Aid Supplies (peroxide, band-aids, burn ointment, etc)

Concession Items (Soft Drinks, Chips, Popsicles, Hard Candy)

Cleaning Supplies

Mesquite spray (Off)

Weed Killer & Ant Killer


Picnic Tables

Lounge Chairs (from Academy, Mosaic Antigravity Lounger - $49.99)

Sports Balls (volleyball, basketballs) -

Paint Supplies (we have paint)
Large outdoor trash cans with lids